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5,5 creep world Staré hry
Zahrajte si túto podarenú a úspešnú strategickú hru. Vašou úlohou bude ubrániť sa vode (creep) rozstrielať ju a prepojiť 3xtotem z vašim hlavným mestom. Pozor veľmi dobré online skóre kde sa zapisuje a vyhodnocuje úplne všetko.
4,7 Gold miner vegas Staré hry
Gold miner vegas
5,4 Ultimate Flash Sonic Staré hry
A flash clone of the highly popular Sonic game.
4,8 Gold Miner Staré hry
Try to grab as much gold as possible with your crane to advance to the next level.
A flash video poker game.
5,3 Super Mario Rampage Staré hry
Instead of jumping on the enemies, Mario now runs around with a gun in his hands.
5,6 Counterstrike Staré hry
A flash version of the popular computer game Counterstrike.
5 Cop Shoot Staré hry
Almost like a police training game. You are a copy and you job is to shoot all the enemies.
5,2 Subzero Staré hry
Fly around and shoot down your enemies.
5,1 Tiny Combat Staré hry
Protect your flag from the enemies.
3,9 Beaver Dive Staré hry
Go diving for pearls in Beaver Dive.
5,7 Beaver Brothers Staré hry
Run around collecting bricks for the Beaver Brothers. A nice spinoff of the Mario Brothers game.
5,6 Duck Hunter Staré hry
Shoot as many ducks as you can in 3 minutes.
5,5 Tiny Combat 2 Staré hry
Protect your base from all the incoming soldiers.
5,7 Crazy Castle Staré hry
Defend your castle from enemies using all sorts of weapons.
5,4 Beaver Blast Staré hry
Try to get the beaver into the bucket using your skill.
5,6 Shooting Fish Staré hry
Instead of casting a pole, harpoon your fish to get the highest score.
6 Skateboy Staré hry
Skate around the town doing random tricks to earn big points.
5,6 Angel Run Staré hry
Fly your Angel around the screen without getting hit by the Devil or his flame.
5,1 Graveyard Staré hry
Shoot your pumpkin across the graveyard without hitting a gravestone.
5,3 Al Franken Skit Staré hry
Al Franken kicks a conservative where it hurts and then beats him over the head with a barstool and watches another person hit him in the head with a bottle
5,1 Koala Checkers Staré hry
A simple checkers game with Jo-Jo the Koala.
5,6 Wheels of Slavation Staré hry
5,7 King of the Hill Staré hry
Defend your castle from your enemies.